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“With our roots originating in the forestry industry and continuing to serve in that industry for over 60 years, we understand the need for top quality, reasonably priced and readily available hydraulic equipment and components. These were the driving factors while developing the CHAD, because our vision at Schwab Brothers Hydraulics has always been to supply, service and outfit you with a product that exceeds industry standards regarding quality and are the best priced in the country. Now with our CHAD series we can accomplish all of that without you ever having to leave the job site.”

Richard Schwab, President

“We love it. It saves trips to town. It's operator friendly; everyone on the crew knows how to use it. It'simple and it helps having all the fitting organized. It makes making hoses simple and easy.”

Cody Alexander
CA Timber - Ailey, GA


Our series of Compact Hose Assembly Devices (CHAD) has revolutionized the manufacture of hydraulic hose assemblies. The CHAD Max, CHAD Lite & CHAD Custom options give you multiple size designs to fit your exact needs. The CHAD's durable, service truck mountable, compact design and air-over-hydraulic crimping capability easily gives you the ability to efficiently build hose assemblies on your job site. In today's production-based markets, downtime can be catastrophic. By implementing the CHAD on your job site, you are guaranteed to cut downtime costs due to hydraulic hose failures.

chad max

The CHAD Max is our most robust & considered our deluxe mobile crimping unit. This unit has the ability to crimp up to 1” 4-wire and gives you a massive amount storage space for a wide variety of fittings and accessories all while still giving you the ability to mount on your service truck with its streamlined design.

chad max
chad lite

The CHAD Lite is our medium-sized mobile crimping unit. This unit, as does all units, has the ability to crimp up to 1” 4-wire. Its compact design was manufactured to give you an option for a service truck that has limited space but the unit still offers ample storage space for fittings and accessories.

chad lite
chad custom

The CHAD Micro is our most economical and most compact mobile crimping unit. This unit, as does all units, has the ability to crimp up to 1” 4-wire. Its streamlined design was manufactured to give you an option if you have extremely limited space or plan to use it on multiple job sites. Its lightweight features make for easy transport all without sacrificing crimping capability.

chad micro
chad custom

The CHAD Custom option puts the power in your hands. This option gives you 1-on-1 time with our design team to design a crimping unit from the ground up that has everything you need!


  • Easily plugs into your already existing air compressor
  • Max Crimping Ability: 1" 4-wire and 1" 2-wire
  • Strength - 120-ton crimping force
  • Air-Over-Hydraulic operated
  • Manual Adjustable Micrometer
  • Accurate Crimp Specifications
  • Service truck mountable
  • Built Tough - Camlocker™
  • Fitting storage space


  • Air over hydraulic crimping machine
  • Crimping dies
  • Camlocker™ Box
  • Foot pedal for operation
  • Air powered hose cutting rotary saw
  • 10 durable cutting discs
  • Air Regulator
  • Micrometer
  • Crimp Specifications
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